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On the road.

After weeks of preparations, moving all my stuff into storage and saying goodby to family and friends Genève and I finally hit the road on Sunday the 21st of Feb 2021. A journey with neither timeframe or destination we left Red Hill heading North.

the purpose of this trip is to photograph and document “Faces Down Under” documentaries of different aspects of how we live, how we work and who we are. I will publish the progress of my work on the website once I have sufficient material. so look out for the following docos

“People building our roads”

”Pub Crawl” (my friend Patrick came up with this idea)

”Face Down Under”

I will use this post as a diary and welcome you to read and comment as u please. so let get started by telling you where I currently am and how I got here. 21/2/21 Drove through the Yarra Valley and put up camp in Toolangi. Met Kate and Simon, had a bit of a chat. Set up the tent and cooked the first meal. Tasted great, a glass of vino and early night. Slept great and was awoken by the laughter of Kookaburras. it’s going to be a great day!

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