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Indian Pacific Journey

Interpretation of the transcontinental Indian Pacific Journey from East to West, Australia

The Indian Pacific is a famous transcontinental train journey in Australia that stretches from Sydney to Perth. Covering a distance of over 4,000 kilometers, it crosses diverse landscapes, including the Blue Mountains, the vast Nullarbor Plain, and the stunning Western Australian coastline. Indian Pacific.

We can indulge in an abundance of questions and be curious of what a journey is all about. What lies between the origin and destination, the incredible difference between the miles traveled, what are we living behind and what are we facing when arriving.

I travelled by car at the end of last year across the Nullarbor and beyond. Inspired by Kasey Chambers who was interviewed by John Fayne on ABC radio in 2010 talking about her family spending many winters following the Indian Pacific along the track. I was instantly hooked and new that one day I will do the same and follow that track, which is not open to the public but is a access point for the train track maintenances.

It took me some 3 weeks driving at a top speed of 25km/h on a very rough and rocky track.

The set of 5 images are available printed on Fine Art Paper A1 size (59.4x84.1 cm) Signed AP

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